Double glazed windows

Double glazed windows are made by the combination of two glass panes separated by a spacer. The gap between the two glass panes is generally filled with an inert gas or vacuum. The double glazed windows have many advantages over the single glazed that has made them widely popular.



There are various types of frames available for double glazed windows but the three mainly used are:

  1. uPVC double glazed windows: un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride frames are the most prefered and widely used. They are low in cost and easy to maintain. Their resilient and sturdy built makes them withstand all kinds of climatic condition. uPVC windows don’t require frequent polishing or painting. They don’t rot or corrode and are energy efficient.
  2. Wooden double glazed windows: Wooden frames are famous for their elegant looks and smooth finish but they need constant care. Hardwood double glazed windows are expensive too. They cost three times more than uPVC windows. Wood swells and rots over time. Frequent sanding, filling, painting and polishing adds more to the cost. This makes them hard to maintain.
  • Aluminium double glazed windows: Aluminium is lightweight and slim. Properties like corrosion-free and robustness make it a good option for making double glazed window frames. They are eco-friendly too.


  1. Double glazed windows are energy efficient: Since such windows are sealed, they prevent energy dissipation. Double glazing helps in making a place energy efficient by retaining heat, which is helpful in winters. It cuts out cold air and keeps the inside warm. This brings down the bills too.
  2. They help with soundproofing: Double glazed windows also cut out all forms of energy, including sound. This feature helps in making apartments and houses noise insulated.
  3. Double glazed windows are robust: These windows are tough to crack than single glazed windows because of the double layering.
  4. Compatible with all modern locks and security features: Double glazed windows can be fitted with all types of locks which make them highly secure.


  1. Difficult to repair: As the two layer of glasses are sealed together, they are hard to pull apart. This makes them difficult to repair when they are not perfectly airtight. Replacement is the only option.
  2. Trapping of heat during summers: The thermal insulation property is highly advantageous during winters but it is a problem during summers. It makes the interior of the building/houses extrmely hot.