Double glazing windows have now become very common in modern residential houses mostly in the cold places of the world. These windows are generally made from two panes glasses that are separated by a thin layer of air or inert gas. These windows contain drying agent that blocks the moisture from getting inside. The inert gas or air basically accounts for insulation that is an important feature of double glazed windows. These windows are also meant to prevent any loss of heat from the house and reduce noise pollution. It is important that you know about double glazing benefits before using them for your house. There are numerous types of double glazed windows available in the market today that include the following:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • Single Hung Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Greenhouse Windows
  • Bow and bay Windows
  • Gliders
  • Round and Octagon Windows


All of these differ in applications, components and design. These windows are meant to be installed in commercial properties, residential houses, industrial complexes and recording studios.

Double glazing windows consist of unique features which make them special and different from the single glazing windows. Due to the features and components, double glazed windows are preferred more than the single glazed ones. These windows not only give you the benefit of double panes but also these windows are combined to one another creating a gap between them. This gap will ensure that dehydrated air is filled inside so that the water vapour gets removed. Water vapour is removed due to the conductive ability of the water vapour. Water vapour is a very good conductor of heat and hence to achieve insulation in case of double glazed windows, the air is free of water vapour inside the gap. Double glazing windows are so featured that it will provide complete security and serenity to your house.


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