Does Double Glazing Help in Providing Security?

Door security is crucial a standard requirement for those who want to install or replace their exterior facing door. Energy efficiency and weather proofing are well and good. But the ability of the door to keep out intruder is one of the most crucial concerns of many people, especially when choosing double glazed doors.



  1. Useful Features

As doors are becoming more and more incredible looking, they have also become safer as they now come with amazing features such as internal beading, toughened safety glass, steel reinforced structures, hook lock door security systems and so much more.

  1. Front door security is Key

Front door security is the trickiest to get right. You surely want to be safe at all times. However, if you are getting out, or someone else is out there waiting for you on your doorstep, you do not want to play around with a padlock and codes. However, the good news is that the modern door security systems have replaced the use of a lock, and so you do not need to worry about intruders ever again. You won’t be judged for thinking all those features go into front door security, and then people undermine it by installing patio and French doors on their backyards, which in turn attract potential thieves. However, today, patio door security has also changed a great deal, and people have invested in them heavily in, and the modern security tech means that homes that are fitted with French doors are safe as houses.

  1. Talk to your vendor about security issues

Many established patio and French door suppliers attach toughened glass as standard together with full six point locking systems and anti-jimmy doors. You should make sure you discuss the safety concerns with your provider while getting quotations from them. Many vendors will claim to offer the best security measures, and you shouldn’t settle on that surety.




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