Pros and Cons of Double Glazed Windows


Windows are always the favourite part of the house. They make the room airy and bright. But the correct choice of windows can also serve its recommended purposes even during winter and monsoon.

What are the problems with standard windows?

  • Does not provide enough heat insulation during winter.
  • The moisture on the glass freezes and makes the house colder, so the heater is frequently used to maintain the warm temperature of the house.
  • Unable to provide proper security. A single pane is easy to break.
  • The leaks in the window allow air passage which messes the temperature setting of the house during both summer and winter.



Double glazed windows:

All the issues mentioned above can be put to a full stop by replacing the single pane windows with double glazed windows. A double glazed window contains two glasses instead of one with a separation between them. It is also known as Insulated windows.

The separation between the two glasses varies from 16mm to 19mm. A minimum of 12mm has to be maintained to provide proper heat insulation. The Double glazed windows can also be used as sound insulation.

Advantaged of double glazed windows:

  • The cost savings:

As double glazed window provides excellent heat insulation, the temperature of the house does not fall frequently. Hence the use of the heater also reduces, which lessens the energy cost. So, monthly energy cost reduces by ten to twenty percent.

  • Prevents condensation:

The separations between the glasses of a double glazed window are sealed airtight. This prevents air from forming crystals on windows which reduce the house temperature. Hence limited usage of the heater.

  • Sound insulation:

The insulated also prevents low-frequency noises from escaping through. So, the noises of aircraft or traffic can be avoided with the help of insulated windows.

  • Safety:

Double glazed windows are not easy to break. So, it proves its security capabilities during storms or robbery.

  • It also reduces the entrance of harsh sunlight. So, the house stays cool during summer.

Cons of Double glazed windows:

  • These windows are irreparable. If moistures get trapped between the glasses, it shows there is a leakage in the windows. In such cases, the windows cannot be repaired. It can only be replaced by a new unit.
  • It traps the heat. It proves to be helpful during winter, but the same is disadvantageous during summer. To avoid this situation, many owners spend extra to get the glasses tinted.
  • Incompatible with the styles of old houses.
  • Costlier than single pane windows.

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